Friday, February 28, 2020
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Citizen Journalism
Citizen Journalism

World of Academics

Citizen Journalism 

Citizen journalism requires effort from public individuals who contribute. Thank you for all.

A massive problem in the world of academics does not recognize the validity of personal experience — speculating individuals with many accurate sources of reliable information. Individuals who come uniquely have trustworthy based information are not a reliable source.

Individuals Globally Contributing

Personal stories from all varieties of individuals globally send articles. However, No own experiences, sightings, feelings expressed this way to the public. However, This category allows you to read personal stories. That each and what they’ve found out will be published if it’s real and honest information.

Personal story Collection

Citizen journalism contributes to a particular story collection. On the contrary, despite people sending in stories with personally researched information. However, a unique taste occurs. Addiontly,  sources to the general public. Additionally, contributors may provide information like never heard while fact-checking articles within this category will happen. Furthermore, from any of the rest of the types expressed.

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