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Welcome to Illuminati secrets, the multimedia platform that explores the depths of hidden knowledge and arises to share its many secrets to the people. No stones will be left unturned with articles exploring everything from the deepest government and corporate conspiracies to the most transcendent spiritual and supernatural phenomena. Take a break from the corporate agendas and government propaganda perpetuated by major media outlets, and get lost in the well of perception-shattering, mind-bending, and reality-diffusing information inside the archives of

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For all of time, humans worked through the lens of mathematics, physics, philosophy, chemistry, and other fields of science and thought to decode the mysteries of the cosmos. In the technological age, humanity is living within a realm of experience that is alien to all humans before us. With the introduction of advanced technologies in scientific fields, our top scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries on a daily basis. The more we discover about ourselves and the cosmos, the closer we draw to the next stage in human evolution.

One of the few questions humans have always pondered, no matter the time period or culture, is the existence of reality beyond the material world. Some claim to know through Religion, many claim they’ve come in contact with it, and others root themselves in the belief that science has all the answers. All religions are founded on the basis of mystical experiences, when someone experiences something so bizarre and outside of their comprehension that it completely shatters their perception of reality, it reshapes the way they look at what we label as the divine. This category is articles that dive deep into all matters of mystical experiences, spirituality, religion, and any other subject where human experience and the unexplainable collide.

A musing is a period of deep reflection or thought. This category acts as a hub for the various authors of to share their brief reflections on

many different conspiracy subjects. Read through many intriguing proposals from many different voices to get a good look into the minds of the authors. By exploring different ways to approach conspiracy related issues, each author shares a unique point that reshapes and offers new insight into existing ideas.

The Political climate in the world today follows a doctrine of greed and secrecy that Political and corporate elites hold sacred. Billionaires work behind the scenes of media, puppeteering stories and other content to perpetuate fear and control the people. In a world where the government is in league with corporations and the media, the people need independent and unbiased news sources to gather reliable information without an agenda. Read through some articles on this category to gauge the true political and economic climate and see through the smokescreen of fear mongering and agendas.

A huge problem in the world of academics is not recognizing the validity of personal experience. People have many experiences that fall outside the generally accepted bounds of reality, and they are left to be ostracized or even ridiculed if they tried to share their story. Down the rabbit hole acts as medium for those experiences and leaves the reader to question the rules of what’s generally accepted as reality. This category acts as an unbiased platform for these stories without the confusing sensationalism and bias that normal media presents considering any of these ideas.

Though the meaning of the word esoteric means information only understood by a specialized group of people, it\’s come to mean the knowledge that is generally hidden from the public eye. Occultists, Magicians, Mystics, Alchemist, and Eastern Spiritualists explore the different ways to bend reality at their own will and to expand personal realms of experience into the supernatural or otherworldly. By exploring the most influential people in esoteric fields and their primary areas of study or practice, we can explore experiences that nobody could ever dream possible and possibly experience them for ourselves.


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