Breaking news Reptilian Humanoids Alien UFO species what just went VIRAL!

Reptilians carved into historic rock.
Reptilians carved into historic rock.
The breaking news on Reptilian Humanoids Alien species



David Icke is a sports broadcaster of the ’80s, moreover, recognizable as speaker of Reptilians aliens. Speaking of Reptilian Aliens is still a new idea, that is, till David Icke. Notably, hosting rallies on the alien species naming them Reptillian.

5 Main points to cover evidence of Reptilian Aliens.


Firstly, pay special attention to public video releases on online platforms. People are capturing footage of Reptilian aliens and posting it on youtube. Secondly, Archeologists are researching artifacts throughout history, showing features of serpents likewise. Thirdly, stepping into the scripture of the King James Bibles may have a deeper meaning then people learn.

Lastly, is the most important as it’s about David Icke speaking at rallies. David Icke is always talking on the latest details of this alien race. Even to go further about a star system, they’re where their homeland located.

Personal stories are influencing society around the world. 

Real personal encounters, as well as experiences, are coming out as time goes on. The unbelievable stories on contacts throughout the world are frightening. The encountering of Reptilians happens when abducting the sleeping human from a UFO. Oddly enough, evidence of the experience comes from a psychologist telling how the person isn’t lying.

More stories leading into the Reptilian alien race comes with video footage. However, some videos are to fool others. Leading to many people believing all the footage is a hoax; Nevertheless, there is rare footage that can’t explain.

Reptilians aliens are publicly the number one alien race under private research.

Reptilians are aliens that camouflage themselves as people. They usually are a lizard human-like body, yet they have capabilities to morph into any human. 

Youtube videos are catching the shapeshifters mid-way form.

Reptilians News at All Time High
Reptilians News sAllTimeHigh@2x

Reptilians are living right next to us without anyone knowing.

Youtube shows a variety of clips of Reptilians. However, artifacts are the undeniable proof of that reptilian alien are living here on Earth. First, If you search for videos on the ancient Chinese artifacts, you’ll find backing proof. Secondly, looking at the King James Version of the Christian bibles shows the symbolism of this alien race.

( If you didn’t know Reptilians may switch from a human-like lizard form to any human of there liking )



David Icke Speaking on Reptilian Aliens
David Icke Speaking on Reptilian Aliens

Famously, David Icke went publicly on the subject of Reptilian aliens.  

Britain’s sports broadcasting in the ’80s is David Icke.

Following his career, David Icke is now hosting rallies talking about a reptilian alien species. With the attention of sports broadcasting career, his rallies on reptilian aliens growing widely among the public’s attention. David Icke is establishing the Reptilian agenda as to the species Reptilian secret plan for Earth.

Furthermore, speaking on how the Reptilians are in control of government positions.


To point out, then David mentioning that Reptilians are capable of a shapeshifting ability. Also, Reptilian aliens are using these abilities to shapeshift, taking advantage of the public.


Lastly, the Reptilian agenda’s of controlling high-level positions. Reptilians following the necessary steps to illustrate morphing techniques. For example, Reptilians morphing into the perfect candidate to run and gain political powers. 

Another story is surfacing from David Icke’s speaking on how the Reptilians are holding political positions. 

David Icke’s stories are a stepping stone towards public awareness. Also, setting an extensive knowledge base on Reptilians. Also, setting it up a foundation for Reptilians species agenda awareness.

For instance, Reptilians and Illuminati have similar agendas. Oddly enough, both groups are contributing to complete the necessary steps to achieve their goal. In detail, both the Illuminati and Reptilians, are first trying to reach the first step in controlling high power positions.

The Illuminati and Reptilian alien species are commonly wealthy and smart. Secondly, both groups implementing symbolism publicly throughout time. Of course, every day, the secret society symbolism is in front of us. 

Illuminati is questioning the group members. 

The Illuminati could secretly may contribute to a group of hybrid aliens. Reptilians may have agendas of population control and keeping their dominant positions. Not to mention, Reptilians are capable of longer-living life.

The power among the Illuminati is an underestimate. However, people don’t know that some of the famous people they look up to are part of this organization.

Examples of famous icons many people look up to are reptilian aliens. 

A reptilian that is a famous icon is Queen Elizebeth. However, Queen Elizabeth is under public attention for looking as a Reptilian shapeshifter. A shapeshifting ability is a prime example of Reptilian’s ability to stay in powerful positions. Besides, it allows Reptilians to remain in power and security of dying off. Whereas Reptilians are hiding as a human, giving them a cloak. 

Reptilian species are more common aliens than realized. 

     Reptilians aliens are a threat to the Earth and well as Mankind. As the aliens are from another planet, they are technological advancements. It looks as they have futuristic technology we don’t know

— the growing public awareness to peak to an all-time high. 

Public attention reaching a new peak as more searches on Reptilians after a recent press release. 

The public attention of the alien race undergoing public research. Not only in the United States but throughout the globe. The Reptilian aliens are under trending google searches; nevertheless, this following recent press releases. As the recent Britain News releasing information on this nature. In detail, the data is release is observing UFOs as well as the military encounters and recoveries.

As to the public to continue searching for more details on the crafts.

Cultures around the historical information may vary; however, vary among the artifacts are similar.

Earth is now open to a door of an alien invasion.

The attack of alien invasion is raising fear of people’s safety of the situation.

Researching the alien species are extremely difficult without the government declassifying information. 

They are often researching Reptilians aliens sightings only to discover the incident as a military exercise. However, public opinions are growing as more mysteries broadcasting on the local news. As to the intentions to believe the Reptilians have already obtained power. They are using their advancements in information to take advantage and gain wealth.  

People are surfacing with more and more Reptilians’ evidence. Besides, Reptilians among ancient artifacts are showing a representation of how they obtain leadership positions in society.

Reptilians, what do they use the shapeshifting abilities for other than turning into any human? 

Reptilians are using shapeshifting as a superman like a superpower. In particular, tactics to take control of government establishments. 

Shapeshifting to any humans is fascinating. But, people forget that this allows reptilians to portray anyone benefits their Agenda. Nevertheless, people also forget it’s an ability to control the public as representing top officials or movie stars.

But, people following recent stories are now worrying about safety. 

People aren’t selfishly the country they live in but worrying about Earth in general. The explanation for the unusual public opinion of search is the outbreak of reptilians stories. As it is the familiar narrative among public sightings with global artifacts and symbolism. 

The coming from an unknown source is apparently for security reasons. However, one previous occurrence happens with an Airforce soldier. 

As a military soldier from area 51 went publically speaking to the news. The first breaking of myth, turning it to reality on Reptilians. Notably, the individual goes to news media on the Reptilian race.

The news is reporting the suicide of a soldier who is speaking on this classified information. This suicide is happening to the man shortly after this release. Speculators believe this may have to do with the Illuminati. 

Furthermore, people who have details of the Reptilians and information would like to stay confidential.

However, people to release information privately. The individuals with evidence not to speak publicly for the safety of life. 

Illuminati members are holding high official jobs in powers around the world. 

Reptilian’s agenda is a sinister secret plan with their journey to a position of power control. With this in mind, reptilian aliens have a goal of taking over the planet political system. 

 Reptilians are starting to taking positions of power not only in the United States but globally. Moreover, more public politicians are among the limelight.

For example, the Clintons are catching attention from recent footage. Due to several youtube videos surfacing with reptilian proof across the web. 

To illustrate, Hillary Clinton, having a slip on the campaign trail. Hillary at a pep rally for her campaign having cameras pointing towards her something strange happened. Then the Reptilian unusual shapeshifting event occurring the cameras are recording. 

Anyone who wants to watch the videos may find them on youtube. The videos are catching viral attention providing footage of weird glimpse of the hybrid shapeshifter. 

Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens
Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens

It is proving

People around the world are choosing to talk as anonymous. Notably, the first speaking on the subject of Reptilian alien then quickly shut down.

Recently this is the first time people can remain anonymous. With the ability to remain anonymous now, it is bringing a wave of new evidence to the public. Again, this is fixing a concern for the safety of a speaker. 


Reptillians are in contact with people every day without anyone knowing. 

Reptilians with capabilities of morphing into any person from lizard form. However, symbolism shows reptilians previously inhabiting the earth. Dating back to ancient times in artifacts, moreover, reptilian snake artifacts create the mystery of Reptilian Aliens.

(Pointing to the snake as it represents the Reptilian alien species.)

The ancient artifacts across the globe are remarkable. Researchers use symbolism to understand the ancient culture of the world. Using scripts from ancient civilizations to find a common theme. Notably, documenting it is representing the Reptilian’s alien species.

For an example of cultural symbolism varies on which part the researchers pursuing archeology. 

Ancient cultures are leaving symbols of familiar a flying dragon. Everyone takes it a step further to try to understand this with a deeper meaning. Then even to show a dragon-like creature that controls the power.

Not to forget about the snake within the story. 

The biblical snake or a serpent could also represent the reptilian alien species. However, this is a truth behind the hiding of the real story of reptilian aliens. 

In the King James Version of the Bible.

Christianity Reptilian Aliens symbolism King James Bible
Christianity Reptilian Aliens symbolism King James Bible

King James Bible is one of the worlds famous books. Holding a story with a reptilian alien symbolism. One of the first stories of King James Bible is writing about Adam and Eve.

Within the chapter Genesis, eventually, a snake comes along with evil intentions. Interesting enough, the snake is representing the devil, also having the ability to talk.

The snake is having capabilities of consciousness seeking Adam and Eve.

We are finding them to ask why they can’t bite into a forbidden fruit of knowledge. The Snake even pushing them to try to take a bite allowing the first decision.  This action from Eve leads to the creation of all sin throughout time.

Only from a questioning phrase of words as again, the snake telling them to go against God’s words. 

Speaking snake changes the history of humankind. 

A speaking snake is unheard of in today’s society. The snake is a way to interpret a foreign alien from the rarety.

To point out, this looks like the missing link in the biological mystery DNA. However, the advancing of humans from the help of ancient civilizations shows more evidence. 

They are giving us a deeper meaning of the Bible or the history of the world. Researchers are releasing information about interpreting the purpose of this bible passage. Even to point to it having qualities representing the pure reptilian bloodline. 

The remarkable twist in the story within the King James Bible captures a symbolism of a snake. 

The bible is telling a story of Eve questioning God. The story portrays a snake as the devil, not to mention Adam and Eve, eventually talking with the snake. For a lousy line of events to play out, causing Eve to listen to the Snake.  Eve having a conversation with the snake, lastly, ends with the betraying of God’s words.

The snake is intentionally misleading Eve to disobey GOD.

The Serpent intentionally disrupts Gods ruling over Eve to have her question God’s word. Undermining Gods rules, the snake’s goal is for Eve to take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

The famous forbidden fruit of knowledge is the first sin to allow consciousness. 

A negative side of the story comes to what it truly means. 

As the story goes, Eve is listening to the snake input. She is lead to a bite into the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

The event is portraying an intelligent species helping humans growth of brain and consciousness.

A mutation injection into an ancestor’s DNA may solve the mystery of who we are. Also, it may explain the human ability of the growing fundamental brainpower. To the mutation, too, increases brainpower to the point of the power of decisions. It is allowing consciousness to come within minds in humans. 

This story is why we could think on our own. (Decision making)

Chinese mythology points to reptilians species.

Reptilians carved into historic rock.
Reptilians carved into historic rock.

Shape-shifting aliens date back to ancient times. Archeologists are even finding artifacts in Chinese culture. The shapeshifters are portraying as a dragon-like creature

— also, objects displaying dragon kings or snake looking rulers. Researchers are deciphering the unique symbolism of the displaying shapeshifting creatures. More commonly, finding a dragon king shapeshifters, which is unexplainable. 

The evidence is evident to the public.

A clear indication of a reptilian shape-shifting is groundbreaking. The creature is symbolizing as a ruler in ancient times.

For reptilians researchers, Reptilians are considerably the rulers now. 

But, David Icke speaking at public events is gathering public attention.

Again, Chinese culture dating back to one of the oldest civilizations.

Geogilists, along with archeologists, love to explore these areas. For the fact that it’s full of artifacts. In detail, many of the objects are displaying a shapeshifter snake.

Also, many images vary from a snake, dragon, and shapeshifting to a human.

Notably, artifacts throughout thousands of years, all are having similar details.

The Star system Draco is lightyears away for the Earth.

There is a  star system with the name Draco. The Draco star system is the homeland of the Reptilians.

However, it’s lightyears away from Earth today technology. Due to no ability to travel there, humans are unable to research Draco further.

Lastly, the future brings many possibilities, especially with the advancing AI.

Breaking news on Reptilian/Humanoids Aliens research. 

The artifacts researched display a deeper meaning. It is representing the Reptilian’s race and history of there culture.

To go further, capabilities of it to the mapping of the stars to find their homeland. Whereas, the mapping leading to the Draco star system.  Also, it is serving as a guide to helping other civilizations.

Artifacts to step further providing knowledge on the habitats reptilians faced. 

An understanding this Alien World previously inhabit is similar to Earth. This alien race leaves many artifacts of stories.

Speculators pick the objects apart and say it tells an account of the over-breeding of their race.

Also, the depletion of natural resources, consequently causing a race across to find the next livable planets.

An establishing future existence of Reptilians is why they came to Earth. 

    Reptilians are undergoing the use of voyages to obtain new land. Again, the reptilians could quickly go out to acquire new worlds to sustain their lifeline. By and large, one landing here thousands of years ago.

Then humans not noticing this change. To point out, sending the crafts out to allow life to expand further among the vast galaxy. Reptilians sending the voyages is providing seed of existence in the future.

Eventually, every star in the space will burn out. 

An external world would run into problems of the same natures. All suns proceed to burn out process. An alien species may have information about this common scenario

Any alien race shouldn’t ever go underestimated. 

Reptilians are morphing into a skin displaying an arrangement of looks. Also, this morphing technique may choose the human features of preference. For instance, the ability reptilians have they can select anyone of any culture around the globe.

The abilities are forsakenly use as a mission to take over human political power spots for control. Reptilians may shapeshift into any color of race.

The smarter race of humanity emerges. 

People are overlooking facts that Reptilians are manipulating humans. The Reptilian’s knowledge provides a specialty for outthinking humans.

Reptilians controlling the world are what many people think is now.  Fables mention that reptilians did this obtaining power through wealth. 

Reptilians are mentionable in the first currency of gold in humanity. 

Check out the article on the FOX News. The Fox news article is representing UFOs recovering reports.

The declassifying information from the real military reports releases on the British News.

What if the moon is a hologram?

Even weirder, what if the moon is a giant spacecraft? Read more about this article here. 

The preparing for end times is not a want; it’s a need. Go prep today, as tomorrow may be too late.


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