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Time Traveler from 2037 has been reported across the United States. Pictures along with videos that surfaced were quickly taken off the internet. The internet is being controlled by the secret government or some call the New World Order. Quickly seeing these articles and news clips I recorded along with wrote down what he had to say. This is his story.

Time traveler reaches to the public now for this warning. Implementing that time traveling was invented the year 2028, as it only was controlled by the government as only used for very classified agendas for their favor. The rich elite had maximum Security on these facilities. Being one of the kids from the rich elites he still had the sympathy and love that we are all born with as human.

This message started in the year April 2019 as  Trump is trying to drain the swamp by taking down the corrupt side of the government.  This includes the dark side of the CIA. There’s a good side of the CIA which is made to protect the people and there’s the secret government side of CIA.. Many know them as the Black CIA. “Men in Black”. Also theorized by many as a branch of the Illuminati.

The month of April 2019 the Black CIA plans to create a catastrophic incident in the United States history. They are planning on taking part in an operation to plant a nuclear bomb and devastate Hawaii. They are planning to use the remnants of nuclear material from an old Korean nuclear sub that the United States sank on a hit and run “Hide and Seek” classified operation. Planting this bomb within Hawaii will rally the American people and trigger the start of World War 3.

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The month of April is when Trump plans on visiting the amazing people of Hawaii. Once this happens, the bomb will detonate but Trump will survive. The survival of Trump will transcend him into the new icon of the American people. This allows the United States CIA to blame North Korea for the devastation of Honolulu. This will be the start of World War 3.

When America enters North Korea in the start of World War 3. Russia will back up North Korea as their ally.

With Japan being a great ally of the United States, Russia sends their new 2019 navy fleet towards Tokyo. Showing off their brand new technology that they recovered from a fallen space station of an ancient human civilization in Antarctica. Russia takes over Japan by constant air raids on Tokyo. With United States fleet heading towards Japan, Russia begins the next invasion of Alaska.

This is all in the time frame of the major earth changes that is so well known. This all goes back to the calendar ending in 2012 that was made by Mayans. This is the actual 2012 due to Catholics setting back the calendar 7 years. (Check our other posts on the website to find out more information why this was done)

With the United States Honolulu port destroyed. Another great devastation prophecy will occur as predicted by Nostradamus himself. The last scripture of Nostradamus foretold that California will be hit by a 9.0+ Earthquake with a tsunami that will wipe all naval bases on the West Coast. Completely decimating the United States naval fleet.

Canada in this time will help fight the Russians back in the north. This doesn’t mean you’re safe, and it is only the beginning.

I would recommend gearing up for these coming disasters. It’s not a matter if, it’s a matter of when is it going to happen. some of our survival gear on illSecrets store.


Time Line.


April – Nuclear attack False flag in Hawaii

November – Earth Changes, Devastation of west coast of United States.


Old map, isolated on white background




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