A Time-Travelers Warning on the World’s Grim Future

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A Time-Travelers Warning on the World’s Grim Future

Sightings of a time-traveler from 2037 have been reported across the United States. Pictures and videos that surfaced surrounding the incident were quickly taken off the internet. It’s no secret to those versed in conspiracies (or US history for that matter) that our government has an ugly history of covering up vital information for their own agenda. Quickly seeing these articles and news clips I recorded everything I could, along with writing down what the time-traveler had to say. This is his story.

The time-traveler reached out to the public for a grim and peculiar warning. He claimed that time-travel was invented the year 2028, only was being utilized by the U.S government to carry out classified information to further their agendas. The government elites had maximum security on these facilities, making sure nobody knew about their world-changing discovery. Being a child of one of these government elites, the time-traveler had the means to discover this technology. Even though this time-traveler was raised with an elitist mindset, he still carried love and compassion for the average man.

The time-travelers prophecy started in April 2019, with President Donald Trump trying to “drain the swamp” by taking down and exposing the corrupt aspects of government activity. Part of this “swamp drain” includes the eradicating the dark side of the CIA. Even though the CIA involves themselves in many helpful efforts (like countering major terrorist threats), they also involve themselves in many shady, and sometimes illegal practices unbeknownst to the public. Many people know of the people involved with shady operations within the CIA as the Black CIA, or “Men in Black”. The people at the heart of the Black CIA will the force that jumpstarts the time-travelers prophecy.

The time-traveler warns that the Black CIA are planning on taking part in an operation to drop a nuclear bomb that devastates Hawaii. He claims the Black CIA is planning to use the remnants of nuclear material from an old Korean nuclear sub, sank by the U.S during a “Hide and Seek” (1) classified operation that turned into a hit-and-run. When the dropping of the nuclear bomb is blamed on an enemy country, the government will use the coming together of the people caused by tragedy to muster up anger towards the enemy and start World War 3. Looking through history it’s not hard to find evidence of the government staging an attack on its own people for political gain, the most famous example being the bay of pigs (2) operation in Cuba.

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The time-traveler goes on to say that when Donald Trump visits Hawaii in April 2019 for a speech, the bomb will be set off and President Trump will be one of the sole survivors of this attack due to the fact that he’ll be in a safe location when it takes place. The survival of Donald Trump during the most catastrophic event in U.S history will turn him into an icon in the eyes of the American people. Following the glorification of Trump, the United States government will blame North Korea for the devastation of Honolulu. This will be the start of World War 3. The time-traveler then goes into detail regarding the progression of World War 3.

He starts by claiming America will occupy North Korea in the start of World War 3, and Russia will back up North Korea as their ally. With Japan being a close ally of the United States, Russia sends its technologically advanced naval fleet to overthrow Tokyo. The Russians will get an upper hand through employing new technology recovered from a fallen space station, hidden in Antarctica. Russia then takes over Japan through constant air raids on Tokyo. With the United States fleet heading towards Japan for support, Russia will have the freedom to begin their next invasion, Alaska. With the port of Honolulu destroyed, another great devastation will occur (as predicted by Nostradamus himself). The last scripture of Nostradamus foretold that California will be hit by a 9.0+ Earthquake and tsunami that will wipe all naval bases on the West Coast, which completely decimates the United States naval fleet. Canada then will help fight the Russians against the invasion of Alaska.

Even the year 2019 itself carries a strange significance. The Mayan calendar was said to end in 2012, however, the church set up the system for recording years that has been integrated into society, which actually sets time back seven years. So the year 2019 is actually 2012 by non-church standards, the year of transformative events in the eyes of the Mayans.

Though the claims of the time-traveler offer an interesting insight into the possible future political climate, they’re just claims. Ask yourself, why would the government try and hide all things relating to this story? and why does the year 2019 carry such a strange aura, even if nobody can put their finger on what it is? What reality-shattering things do you think could go down in 2019 and why? Don’t be afraid to explore all realms of possibility in the comment section, because everyone has an interesting insight to offer.

Old map, isolated on white background
  1. Hide and Seek operation- government tactic used in the cold war to confuse enemies by changing the location of secret military bases
  2. Bay of Pigs- planned, staged, U.S government attack on Cuba to stir anger towards the Russians during the Cold War. Mission failed after the plan was uncovered.



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