Behind you in the mountains there’s a rumour of a Yeti

Yeti big foot

If you are one among those personalities who love to know and explore something new, something exciting and adventurous, then stick to the article till the end. You would probably invest your time in a worthy reading.

In this article, I would like to draw your attention towards Yetis. I know you after hearing this word, you may be brimmed curiosity what this term ‘Yeti’ refers to. Well! The word Yeti is a word used in the vernacular language. Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature. It is taller than the humans and is believed to be inhabited in the Himalayan and Siberian regions of East Asia. It is believed that Yeti was a part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of the Himalayan folks. The Lepchas worshipped the Glacial being as the God of the Hunt. The Tibetans called them wild man and considered their blood to be pious. And magical. vernacular people in Nepal believed in the existence of Yetis. In fact, they even named a Nepali restaurant as “Yak and Yeti” in Boston and the hawkers used to sell embroidered Yeti structure t-shirts too. The creature is considered a legend because of the conclusive evidence of its existence. However, many mountaineers and researchers have claimed that they had seen the weird creature. The name of “Abominable Snowman” was coined in 1921.

In the year 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reported that they had seen the big footprints on the way of their marching journey to the topmost peak of Mount Everest. Tenzing further added that he had never seen a Yeti in his lifetime, but his father had seen twice. In this context, Hillary and his research team collected and analysed the physical pieces of evidence along with the sacred Yeti scalp from Khumjung. At the end of his research, he concluded that it was an ape-like creature. Later on, the anthropologists further researched on their DNA samples and found them similar to the regional bear. Out of nine DNA samples, eight were proved to be identical to the DNA of the bear. These stamps are available online on ebay.

It was in the year 1966, Yeti became a talk of the town and the Bhutanese government issued their postage stamps having the structure of Yeti drawn in it. American actor Jimmy Stewart found remains of a hand and was supposed to be of Yeti which he named “Pangboche hand”. He secretly took it to London for further researches.

The sceptic folks, local regionals and mountaineers who saw them, though, are not sure about their identification and suggest them to be large langur monkeys, Tibetan blue bear, Himalayan brown bear, Asiatic black bear and a lot more.

Apart from these, there are various other conceptions and experience stories of many persons who saw the weird creature.

A spicy matter to think and discuss. Feel free to express what you think about this creature. Do you have the dare or desire to see this creature.? Do drop your views in the comment section.


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