Awakening the Kundalini Serpent

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Every human possesses within them the energy force known as the Kundalini. Kundalini energy is sometimes referred to as the serpent power and portrayed as a female entity that lives at the base of the spine. The base of the spine is the energy center called the Root Chakra (1/2), the first of the seven major energy centers of the body that can be aligned and strengthened to bring about a Kundalini awakening.

The Ajna Chakra (3) is the center between the two eyebrows that holds the energy of the unconscious mind. When the Kundalini is awakened, the Nadi channels (4) of Ida (comfort) on the left side of the spine and the Pingala (Golden) channel on the right side of the spine, terminate and merge into one central channel (called Sushumna). Kundalini awakening remains on standby in every person, and can be tapped into through the daily rituals of Kundalini Yoga and can even occur spontaneously in some people. The energy manifested by collective consciousness is an ever-flowing frequency that acts as the basin from which humanity can draw from using kundalini practice. Though humans are drastically different from one another, Kundalini energy unites us like the powers of love and death, in the sense that it spares nobody from its influence. The data surrounding Kundalini energy and awakenings isn’t being hidden from the world, just ignored and shrouded in misinformation.

Modern science doesn’t bat an eye to the power of Kundalini because the phenomenon can’t be studied through traditional means. Due to the sheer mental and physical intensity of Kundalini energy, the process of awakening can be fearful for those unprepared, beautiful for the advanced practitioner, or even both for some people. Those who aren’t expecting the ego death (6) that’s sometimes present in a Kundalini awakening may even convince themselves that they’re dying. The essence of Kundalini derives from no exact source, rather presents itself as a cumulative frequency. All religion speaks of awakening in some form or another, Jesus Christ himself mentions in the Bible that a spiritual awakening is the destiny of all beings. Transcendent awareness gained from a prepared awakening makes the awakened empathize with people on a deeper level, and ultimately brings them to point of internal peace and all-knowing.

Kundalini energy should never be treated lightly, as its purpose is to purify the channels of your body; If you’re not mentally prepared for the severe change in consciousness, it can cause a mental break. This is why is it important to be sober if you’re trying to harness Kundalini energy in any way. In the process of awakening, the mind travels through various doors of perception, each being a reflection of our own relationships, experiences, and inner turmoil. It is important to understand that Kundalini awakening helps the practitioner introspectively (by profoundly altering their consciousness) through the forceful reflection of all unresolved emotions. Unfortunately, there are many who have accidental awakenings and are forced into dealing with intense mindstates without proper training to live comfortably, leading to unplanned trips to the psych ward. Though many keep their distance from Kundalini out of fear, the achievable states of consciousness available in the mastery of Kundalini energy are beyond anything imaginable. There is even some speculation and studies that show Kundalini awakenings don’t only have the power to alter consciousness, but could also cause changes in cells, the nervous system, and even the brain.


1.Chakras- The various focal points of subtle energy. These are the outlets that the universal energy (Prana) manifests itself through.

2.Root Chakra (Muladhara)- The very bottom Chakra. Mostly associated with sexual energy, grounding to reality, survival, and the satisfaction of basic needs.

  1. Ajna Chakra- The chakra between the eyebrows that represents the third eye and the unconscious mind. It’s theorized that God communicated to man through this energy center.
  1. Nadi Channels- Channels through which the energies of the body flow.

5.Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)- The Chakra that acts as the doorway to higher states of consciousness and the expansion of perception. 

  1. Ego Death- The extremely intense separation from the “I”. Objective science could describe this under the terms of dissociation, but what separates the dissociated from the enlightened in Kundalini awakenings is the ability to live within that mindstate. 


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