Arterial-Shaped Blood Clot Continues to Baffle Scientists


It is true that our world holds endless possibilities? There are many unexplainable incidents that take place every so often, leaving the American people and the scientific community completely stumped. In all ancient traditions, stories were passed down through oral tradition, nowadays smartphones have drowned humanity in a flood of information for better or worse. Even in the age of information, there are still things that leave the academic community speechless. One of these instances that stands out was when a patient having a heart failure spat out a blood clot that exactly resembled the shape of an artery. The shape of the blood clot astonished doctors, due to the fact that it was so out of the ordinary. The anomaly was even covered by the New England Journal of Medicine and gradually went viral via Twitter.

The news was first released to the Atlantic, who were also given reports about the patient prior to his death. Thus, the Atlantic informed the public that “the patient is in critical condition. He is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is horrible to inform, but he is in the end-stages of life. However, the patient’s surgeon, George Wieselthaleris, is trying his best to keep him alive.” The patient was connected to a specialized heart pump, helping increase or maximize the blood flow. Unfortunately, the process went wrong; Due to high turbulence inside the pumps, further clots formed inside the patient’s body. The patient’s surgeon further informed that during such situations, anticoagulants should be introduced into the patient’s body. Anticoagulants play a crucial role in thinning the blood to avoid blood clotting.

The Atlantic followed up with the news that the patient’s smaller blood clots formed due to the action of high turbulent heart pumps resulted in a rapid decline of health. The patient coughed longer and deeper and eventually coughed up a massive blood clot. It was odd in shape and the doctors decided to keep the vulgar mass of blood for analysis. After some time, when the surgeon George Wieselthaler and his expert team took a closer look at the massive clot, they realized it bore a striking resemblance to an artery with bronchial branches. The discovery astonished the doctors and the unexplainable nature of the finding called for further research.

Unfortunately, a week after the patient coughed up the blood clot he died of heart failure. Despite the man’s death, the news of the artery shaped blood clot spread like wildfire and continued to baffle scientists. The mystery is still unsolved to this day. What could this mean? Could there be a deeper significance to the shape of the blood clot or is it just a strange coincidence? 


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