Are You Ready for the Truth of the Yeti?

Yeti big foot

The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, is an ape-like creature that stands feet above the average human and is believed to inhabit the Himalayan and Siberian regions of East Asia. It’s well documented that the Yeti had its place in the pre-Buddhist beliefs of the Lepcha people, who worshipped the Yeti as a god called, “The God of The Hunt”. “The God of The Hunt” was believed by the people to live in the glacial regions of the Himalayas and rule over all animal life. Other Tibetans called Yetis the wild men and considered their blood to be pious and magical. Many reputable people in Nepal believe in the existence of Yetis, one Nepali restaurant in Boston was even named “Yak and Yeti”. The creature is considered a legend because of the inconclusive evidence of its existence, though many mountaineers and researchers have claimed that they’ve encountered a Yeti.

In the year 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reported that they had seen unusually large footprints during their journey to the topmost peak of Mount Everest. Tenzing further added that he had never seen a Yeti in his lifetime, but his father had seen one on two different occasions. Hillary and his research team then collected and analyzed the pieces of evidence gathered, and the end of his research he concluded that the Yeti samples originated from an ape-like creature. Later on, anthropologists further examined the DNA samples found many similarities to the regional bear. Out of nine DNA samples, eight were proved to be identical to the DNA of the bear and these stamps are even available for purchase on eBay.

In 1966, Yetis became the talk of the town in Bhutan to the point where the Bhutanese government issued Yeti themed postage stamps. American actor Jimmy Stewart found the remains of a hand, supposedly belonging to a Yeti, which he named the “Pangboche hand”. Stewart even decided to secretly take the hand to London for further analysis.

Skeptics, locals in the region, and mountaineers who had Yeti encounters aren’t too sure what the creature they witnessed actually was. Many theorize Yeti sightings are the misidentifications of large langur monkeys, Tibetan blue bears, Himalayan brown bears, Asiatic black bears, but nobody knows for certain. Though the validity of Yeti experiences is argued over by many, the vast accounts of this creature across cultures still raise many questions. Could there be something we’re missing?



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