Are You Ready for the Truth of the Yeti?

Truth of The Yeti
Truth of The Yeti


Yeti & the Abominable Snowman. 

Truth of The Yeti
The truth of The Yeti

Discovery of the truth of the Yeti. In ancient times there came around a creature called Yeti, or Abominable Snowman. Also, as it is an ape-like creature. Whereas, this Yeti heights, is comparatively standing feet above the average human. Moreover, beliefs consist of the Yeti to inhabit the Himalayan and Siberian regions. Identically, the global area of East Asia.

Whereas, the documentation has taken place. 

The documenting of a Yeti dates back to ancient times. Granted, the Yeti had its place in the pre-Buddhist beliefs. Also, the pre-Buddhist feelings are of the Lepcha people. They are even known as worshipping the Yeti. Also, Lepcha people considering the Yet as a god. Besides, Lepcha people calling the Yeti, “The God of the Hunt.”

The beliefs of the Yeti coming from ancient Lepcha People. 

Beliefs of the Yeti, are found to the Yeti inhabits these colder regions. Whereas, of the Himalayas. Besides, the Yeti in this region having a full rule over all animal life.

Tibetan knows the Yeti as the Wildmen.

The Tibetans know the Yeti as calling it the wild men. Also, considering their blood to be pious. Equally, Tibetans are found valuing the blood from the Yeti as magical. Reputable people in Nepal. Similarly, believing in the existence of Yetis. As well as one Nepali restaurant in Boston was even named “Yak and Yeti.”

The cities might have more evidence. 

Throughout cities of the regions locally are stories of the Yeti. However, many consider it a legend. Not to mention, the inconclusive evidence. To clarify, the proof of its existence.  Although this may speak some truth, mountaineers are still claiming sightings. Also, researchers are notably claiming encounters of a Yeti. Whereas both at least must hold some value of evidence.

Researchers are found spotting the Footprint of mystery. 

Previously, in the year 1953. In detail, Two people hiking Mount Everest. Whereas their journey to the topmost peak of Mount Everest. Besides, this is where a reporting from Edmund, Hillary, and Tenzing happened. To clarify, the reporting of unusual large footprints.

Researchers are telling the stories from the trip.

The hikers then found themselves coming back to the city. But also, bring back a story after their hike. Whereas, Tenzing and Edmund Hillary reporting this find on their journey. Coupled with, Tenzing saying he has never seen a Yeti in his lifetime. However, Edmund, mentioning having sightings on two different occasions.

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The researchers were found collecting evidence from the footprint.

Hillary and his research team didn’t leave empty-handed. To clarify, the team collecting evidence from the footprint. In detail, the Research team then analyzing the pieces of evidence gathered. Correspondingly, the result of the research. Furthermore, they did find a conclusion of the yeti origins came. Also, the Yeti samples originating from an ape-like creature.

The returning of DNA from research labs results in unclear. 

Later on, anthropologists further examining the DNA samples. Equally important, finding many similarities to the regional bear. Nine DNA samples went out for testing out of nine DNA samples. In detail, in the testing twice at the same lab. Besides, eight were proving identical to the DNA of the bear. Not to mention, the samples are available for purchase on eBay.

Government involvement coming to Bhutan. Together as talks started spiraling out of control about the Yeti.  

In the year of1966, another mystery is rising. In light of Yetis, the stories starting to surface again. Uniquely the Yeti became of the talk in town in Bhutan. Hence, to the point where the Bhutanese government got involved.  Notably, the government involvement consisting of issuing Yeti themed postage stamps.

The famous American, notably hiking the region. Went viral as discovering evidence of the Yeti.

A famous American was traveling the religion. Notably, Jimmy Stewart, an actor in America. Jimmy Stewart made a discovery. Also, the finding consisting of the yeti remains. However, the remains Jimmy notably, bringing back was of a hand.   Jimmy Stewart then went on to name the hand “Pangboche.”  Whereas, then sneaking the hand secretly back to London. Also, to do further analysis on it.

The unclear light of the Yeti is due to the evidence found.

Skeptics, locals in the region, and mountaineers are Yeti encounters. In the same fashion, they are still unclear what they remember witnessing. Also, making it unclear what the creature is. However, many theorize the Yeti sighting. As well as, their conclusion is ending in theorizing it as a misidentification.

People are locally theorizing what the sighting is. 

Theorizing the sightings from people, as well as calling them false. Also, considering there misidentification. First, showing this cause is due to large langur monkeys. Second, Yeti could look like the evidence pointing to Tibetan blue bears. Third, coupled with these animals are the next two types of more giant bears. One of the bears is Himalayan brown bears. Also, not to mention the Asiatic black bears.

The inevitable truth as the Yeti in the local region is.

But,  nobody knows for sure. Though the validity of Yeti’s experiences is argued over by many, the vast accounts of this creature across cultures still raise many questions. Could there be something we’re missing?

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