Could Apple Really Be The Antichrist?

Antichrist Apple

Apple Really Be The Antichrist?
Apple signals Antichrist

Speculations on the Relationship Between Apple and the Antichrist

Apple Really Be The Antichrist?
Apple signals Antichrist

Apple and the Antichrist. Essential iPhones of the early 2000s had nothing more than a camera, some apps for utilities and games. Furthermore, a necessary number passcode to protect the user. The technology of old iPhones almost seems primitive compared to the features of iPhones today. With the latest facial and touch recognition software, the high-quality camera, Siri, and the ability to watch 1080p videos. Few of the many reasons why Apple devices have landed in the pockets of almost every American. Apple’s development of technology advancing at a rapid speed every year. Consequently, integrating into everyone’s lives, leaving some worried about the company’s potential.

Apple inventions

The invention of the Apple Watch shows how Apple already wants to develop a system to attach their technology to the user’s body, supposedly for ease of access. In just a matter of time, the Apple development team are implanting chips into the skin of individuals with already with advanced software. With the mass’s following apple, how many devices could they embed on the majority of people always get the newest Apple product when released. Above all individuals who already obsessed with the iPhone (and any smartphone, for that matter). Generally speaking, carelessly input all their personal information into the device.

Trusting Big Corporations

It is consequently trusting Steve jobs, with the notion that a well-respected corporation wouldn’t betray their trust and use it against them. However, when the development team embeds a new device that is appealing to the public, everyone will soon follow as a result. Apple may have the ultimate seat of power. It is knowing every individual that may allow the abuse of personal information. Never the less may also make sure all crimes will not go unpunished.

Antichrist Apple
Antichrist Apple
iPhones the start of something big

With the introduction of facial and fingerprint recognition technology in iPhones. Many people are now giving away more information about themselves than ever. Previously, people wouldn’t dream of trusting a corporation with private information. For example, as vital as fingerprints or facial recognition pictures. As can be seen, individuals now allow their a device to capture and store this information without any hesitation.

(people didn’t even trust banks as much), but now all caution is thrown to the wind. Not only does Apple know every detail of your life through social media. Location Services allows them to track patterns traveled. Above all these devices, they can view search history and iMessage, but now they have everyone’s fingerprints and face.

Biblical Theorists

Biblical theorists suggest that Apple is the antichrist (1). The mark of the beast (2) Humanity imposed to a trademark, and a false prophet will force the worship of the antichrist and brand those who worship, signifying the imminent apocalypse. It’s theorized that the Apple logo can be found representing the apple of knowledge bitten from Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The force that separated man and God. In contrast, because the Mark of the beast, represents number 666. Notably, said to represent the devil, and the devil (symbolized by a serpent) persuaded Eve to take a bite out of the apple of forbidden knowledge.

The Age of Information

Uniquely the information age, humanity has become so enveloped in technology and the access to seemingly boundless information resulting from it, that it becomes a staple of life for some. Could the bite out of the apple logo symbolize the new garden of Eden? Furthermore, where A famous story states Humanity devoting their lives to the constant flow of information and media provided by technology.

Apple could very well be the prophet mentioned in Revelations. In light of the entity to force the worship of the antichrist. Whereas, technologies constant growth and advancements and more accessible for people to lose their identity. Many speculate that the mark of the beast is that symbol of an apple barcode system.  Apple could eventually implant into the skin of every user to be able to upgrade to the latest phone. However, the iPhone crowd imprinting themselves with a symbol to just keep with the jones.

Public Researchers

Public civilian researchers have no telling of how far Apple will take technology in today’s society. What’s important are the facts that Steve jobs made a company only going to grow from here — continually getting more powerful and technologically advanced. Though it may sound cynical, everyone should be wary of Apple’s intentions, especially regarding the highly sensitive information they’ve gathered on every user. Not everything on Earth may be black and white as it seems.

Nevertheless, among anything, there are a lot of signs pointing towards the “Antichrist Apple.” However, don’t forget maybe it’s a foreign alien species that comes over betraying god. Check out this article on The Government releases UFO details; FOX news even featured! This may be a breakthrough you never knew existed.

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