Antarctica: a hub for extraterrestrial activity?

Antarctica Aliens

 Antarctica in the south pole

Antarctica Aliens

Observing the south pole from a different lens. To point out, the south pole may accordingly a location of high extraterrestrial activity.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Antarctica’? The first thought for most is that it’s the coldest continent. Whereas, located at the southernmost part of the planet.

Furthermore, encompassing the South Pole. Being that, the unrecognizing significance of the barren continent. Unquestionably, the South pole is in all sorts of suspicion as no access is allowed. However, laying within the cold that it might house a secret alien military base.

Evidence of UFOs

There is evidence of many UFO’s landings. As well as, sightings in Antartica that lend to this suspicion. As we all know, geodesic satellite stations (1) are present in the uninhabited.

They are leaving the south pole to result in a mysterious continent. As well as, the GPS systems of the rest of the world are regulating under this location.

Moreover, these stations on the top of the plateaus. As well as the bottom of the mountains as pictured below.

Reports of Geomagnetic Disturbances

Dozens of reports of geomagnetic (2) disturbances due to the presence of some strange unidentified flying objects. Resulting in even individuals noticing the frequency of UFOs in the south Pole.

It worth mentioning that Google Earth also captured some unknown pictures. Notably, they are possibly aliens. However, the objects in the Arctic that have no resemblance to any recognizable thing in our extraterrestrial world.

The UFO crash landings on the Arctic ice found by military units, but not public. Notably, surfacing information on the ice below Antartica holding an alien base. Notably, even the obscure cloud formations give hints of extraterrestrial activity. Many researchers and UFO hunters have tried to gain access to travel to Antarctica; however, The government declined their pass.

Extraterrestrial Investigation

To point out, extraterrestrial investigation agents trying to prove the existence of alien occupancy in Antarctica. Recently in April 2018, a formation of holes started appearing within the Candian Artice Sea. Notably, the discovery was a new phenomenon that never previously happened.

Although on the opposite side of the world. To point out, it still intended as a mysterious and weird in appearance. It consisted of wave-like patterns never observed before by the involved scientists’ team.

Directly following this observation, a story relating to the view of these strange incidents was finally recognizable.

Siberian Arctic Region

In the Siberian Arctic region, whereas having deep widening craters. (about 250 feet in width) Also, this is only a recent discovery, as well as only in the past.

Later observations in the same region turned up large-sized and almost perfectly round shaped stones. I am additionally leading to a phenomenon where discovering these round shapes of rocks, still growing. May these also reflect Antarctica Aliens?

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The Alaskan Arctic

Ultimately, even in the north artic, more isolated instances are under observation. To be exact, locating it in the Alaskan Arctic. Notably, were reports of strange floating blobs are occurring.

Furthermore, these are sightings recalling from individuals in flight to small islands within the Alaskan arctic. Undoubtedly, the most shocking Antarctic-based conspiracy report. Significantly, it is the spotting of a giant staircase. Despite this, it might sound fake at first. Surprisingly, the stairs left in previously ancient cultures. Lastly, Earth Changes caused a shift in weather, as the artic wasn’t always an Iceland.

Lastly, Many individuals who research believe this is what the old stories of Zeus portray. With all points read above, individuals say that the staircase goes to the underworld of Antarctica.

However, many alternative researchers have viewed this as the lost pyramids of the Atlantis. Lastly, the individuals who’re beliefs are in Extraterrestrials recall this as a new abandoned spaceship from aliens the first arrival.

Arctic human’s uninhabitable arena.

Poles of the Arctic are closer to the stars. Also, allowing it to have a better view of other celestial bodies.  Furthermore, they act as a comfortable and easily accessible hub for alien life. Also, the fact that the climate of the Arctic is uninhabitable by humans.

Hence, This is why the cold barring ice land would make it the perfect hideout for an alien headquarters. To point out, because of this, it may allow them to inhabit the earth, but, keep their distance from humans.

Many historians like Pythagoras, Pythons, Mercator, etc. have also claimed awful things and strange happenings present in Antarctica. They also opine the incidents and objects within Antarctica to be paranormal, raising even more questions.

No Real Knowing of Antarctica Aliens

Though the possibility of extraterrestrial activity in the Arctic is a fun idea to explore. Additionally, the evidence made within this article is a product of personal experience. Nevertheless, or interpretation of ambiguous phenomena occurring in the Arctic.

Furthermore, both of which go unrecognized by the academic community. There’s no telling the validity of personal experience. Besides, there is no real knowing whether Antarctica is an Alien base or not.

Perhaps, the fragile ecosystems of the Polar regions are due to infectious microorganisms gaining strength from the melting ice. The craters and fragmentation explored in Antarctica may also be the consequences of humanity’s environmental destruction.

The point is when considering the strange circumstances surrounding Antarctica. Lastly,  all possibilities that are regarding the painfully mundane to the ridiculously otherworldly (even if it’s only in contemplation).

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Personally & Honestly as an individual

Given these points, as an individual to know whether these assumptions of Antarctica Aliens carry validity or not. Polar regions remain almost isolated from the rest of the world. Additionally, making them hard to study. Furthermore, hard to gather all the information on ongoing issues is somewhat hard. However, spending some quality time considering the many different possibilities of reality is lovely. Everyone has something unique to contribute, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

  1. Geodesic satellite – studies the dynamics of the Earth. Displacement of tectonic plates, gravitational field, sea level, and maybe more things not officially recognized.
  2. geomagnetic- relating to the magnetic field of the earth


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