Ancient map discovered how in the world! Piri Reis Map

Ancient map discovered!

Piri Reis Map Ancient map discovered how in the world


Piri Reis Map

Ancient civilization discovered

How does an ancient civilization discover so much information on regions of land that have yet to be explored in their time era? A map from ancient times was discovered, yet not fully intact. This map was called the Piri Reis Map which dates back to the 1500s. What was so interesting about this map, was not it’s ancient age but it’s accuracy on how it represented the coastlines and land that apparently was unexplored. This map also described in detail mountain ranges islands and complete coastlines. the Piri Reis Map is based on about 20 other maps, made in various languages, some were created by Christopher Columbus. The Piri Reis map was drawn on gazelle skin parchment. The map itself is 35X24.

The Piri Reis map completely baffled historians at its discovery. The map depicts both coasts of America’s way before they were believed to be discovered (let alone documented) and also gives an accurate depiction of Antarctica before it was covered in ice.  This map came about in 1513. Military intelligence ordered on a mission by Ottoman and Cartographer Piri Reis. Today only ⅓ of the map actually shows today.

How advanced were previous nations before us? The first indication of human ancestors has been discovered around 5 to 7 million years ago. This is only roughly 500 years ago of actual proof of high intelligence in aspects of navigation. Making humans who would have been walking among Earth during the 1500s fairly new to human life unless there was already far more advancements then recorded during that time. As some can speculate that maybe we have lost more than just this artifact proving this theory. This was one of the maps that were claimed by Christopher Columbus, or a source of what his map was based on. This entire map was based on a pre-modern exploration of Antarctica coast hundreds of years before it was found.

The odd part was that it was only discovered and documented in 1929 on October 9th where philological work of the German theologian named Gustav Adolf Deissmann. Now it wasn’t odd for this man to discover it but the fact of how the map showed so many unknown southern lands and many islands. There is also unexplored details on it where nobody has ever explored before.

How would they explore Antarctica with basic wood shifts as researchers discovered they had? Many people must realize that to have these navigational skills and to produce such an advanced map they had to be way more advanced for their time. More research is being done by illSecrets on how they could have the advancement of such high intelligence in the navigation to bring this map alive. As of now, this is a map that’s hard to forget.

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