Amazon bought Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion! What does this mean for the food industry? NWO?

Amazon Billion Purchase
Amazon Billion Purchase

Amazon bought Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion. Ever wondered why?

Amazon Billion Purchase
The Amazon Billion Purchase

Amazon could be in the New World Order. Amazon does it again. Our food industry could be on the verge of collapse with this new story, it could only be a matter of time.

What’s next?

It seems they wish for our entire infrastructure to rely on the internet.

What privacy issues does this rise up?

Only time will tell. This could be yet another front for the higher-ups in our world to control the little people. Putting all of us on one world network to better herd us right where the World Order wants us.

Amazon Prime Now: delivery in a two-hour window, delivery in a one-hour window, or delivery within an hour. Bigger cities offer these opportunities now making people feel less and less to stock up on food. New announcements also include drone delivery platforms that are going through legality to use in the united states.

This would just so happen to make people feel less obligated to have food stocked at there home.

Could this just be a room advantage by optimizing less storage space required?

Belief this could push a to a new evolution of humans in several standpoints. From requiring humans not travel as much or even require much room for living. People will become Modifying completely less interactive towards humans. The drone is being released slowly to close off another human to human interaction as it won’t happen between deliveries anymore.

More Illuminati then we care to know?

Amazon or so-called new world order looks like follows the same agenda. The more and more closely this article is looked into the more you’ll understand as it would be processed as it hits many other prophecies fulfilling them. They are taking jobs, tightening the gap of human reaction, controlling the food all in one step.

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