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Our goal is to help you get better results from the blogs posted on illsecrets.com.

Meaning we want to make it easier for people to find and read or furthermore watch what they are attending to use the website for. 

Keys to this – ( Categories, Tags, and also adding sources or creditability to sourcing that contain research, or saying its a article on opinion/story.)

On illsecrets.com.


  • illSecrets.com is based off of Secrets of the world, Research in areas of people don’t usually do. A different view of the world. Secrets to interesting topics.


  • This website is News but not News at the same time. Please read and make your own personal opinion on subjects. If its a research article, please feel free to fact check and correct as you see.


  • You may write articles, please read editorial guidelines for any questions stating this.


  • Comments that are placed are all under review until we approve your account reassuring you are not a bot spamming website, or a person trolling the website with rude, dishonest, or attacking.


  • Reading topics and subjects, from article posts feed to categories descriptions. Everything is under review before posted. Every once in a while a subject or a topic comes out that might get pass the guidelines but offends you. Please feel free to either flag post or contact us stating article, article title, which part and a link if needed.


  • Articles on website are about News, Research, Subjects of matter, Subjects which aren’t a hot topic, (also includes hot topics.). Don’t forget this website does pursue different  ideas, agendas, conspiracy, and theories topics also to give real insight, obtaining research, stories, and even opinions on different matters.


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