A Time-Travelers Warning on the World’s Grim Future


A Time-Travelers Warning on the World’s Grim Future

Sightings of a time-traveler from 2037 reported across the United States. Pictures and videos that surfaced surrounding the incident taken off the internet. It’s no secret to those who researched this topic before.

Time Traveler Warning
Time Traveler Warning

They’re out there furthermore bringing us news of the high end of our Earth as know it. Notably, the latest update the time traveler found on the internet. Who captured him speaking of what to come as in history. Began to unfold right between the individual’s eyes who lived with these upcoming years.

To present a short documented part of what he said on some footage able to recover.

Hello, Not much time to explain. You won’t understand this, nor 73% of you who see this will no understand or grasp the concept I’m trying to solve. I’m from the year 2037; I am here to post this to reach out to 27% of the population after the fall of all world powers. However, This video will only saw by nearly 875k. As this will surface and rise quickly, but delete once the Elites catch it.

Firstly, Gather First-aid Kits. As well as Water purifying method put away. Food stockpiles would be a high recommendation. Although the things I’m about to share will leave you breathless. I really must emphasize everyone watches Buy NON-GMO Seeds.

Consequently, GMO seedlings may not produce a plant next year. One of the most common deaths before coming have was starvation after the 10-year passage all food storages were almost completed if not, with no preparation on how to get food after this part.

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Finally, The items of wealth would be the most common item. Americans use most of this in their country. It’s called toilet paper. As many individuals will treat, this is a source of high wealth. Nevertheless Silver and the Gold will be a huge play in this period. (Click read more on an article about investing of Gold)

Enough of how to prepare

Starting as the government has an ugly history of covering up vital information for their agenda. Surprisingly after the awakening of the masses want to charge Area 51 to find out the truth of aliens.

Ultimately bringing the government to a new understanding of humanity. Additionally allowing the public to know more in details of aliens and what’s beyond our Earth.

Quickly news spreads as seeing these articles and news clips recording live footage of alien technology the United States holds. Along with some exotic creatures that Donald Trump allows to be unclassified.

The time-traveler reached out to the public for a grim and peculiar warning. Trump, claimed that time-travel invented the year 2028, only was being utilized by the U.S government to carry out classified information to further their agendas.

The government elites had maximum security on these facilities, making sure nobody knew about their world-changing discovery.

Child of one of these government elites, the time-traveler had the means to discover this technology. Even though this time-traveler raised with an elitist mindset, he still carried love and compassion for the average man.

The time-traveler’s prophecy started in April 2019, with President Donald Trump trying to “drain the swamp” by taking down and exposing the corrupt aspects of government activity.

Part of this “swamp drain” includes eradicating the dark side of the CIA. Even though the CIA involves themselves in many cooperative efforts

(like countering major terrorist threats).

Therefore to engage themselves in many shady, and sometimes illegal practices unbeknownst to the public. Many people know of the people involved with shady operations within the CIA as the Black CIA, or “Men in Black.” The people at the heart of the Black CIA will use the force that jumpstarts the time-travelers prophecy.

Warning of North Korea

The time-traveler unmistakably emphasis the war with North Korea not stoppable. Like every time they’ve tried to change the outcome, it occurred with another critical point making North Korea start the fight.

However, as the time traveler didn’t have much time to explain in detail. To point out the central facts, he said that North Korea would continue with the peace treaty.

Additionally, playing the entire world as they would continue no matter who was to talk to them to keep pushing forward with their military striking power of missiles.

For proof of the matter of Reality of the time traveler and how he would have done this Check into this article!

Reality of Time Travel
The reality of Time Travel


Are planning on taking part in an operation to drop a nuclear bomb that devastates Hawaii. Of course, with the Black CIA plan to use the remnants of nuclear material. Therefore it’s an old Korean nuclear sub sank by the U.S during a “Hide and Seek,”

(1) classified operation that turned into a hit-and-run. Dropping of the atomic bomb blamed on an enemy country, the government will use the coming together of the people caused by tragedy to muster up anger towards the enemy and start World War 3.

(Nuclear signs may be read about right here.)

Therefore, history is hard to find evidence of the government staging an attack. On its people for political gain, the most famous. For example, is the bay of pigs (2) operation in Cuba.

For proof of the matter of


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