Big Foot Spotting OREGON HUNTER!


Big Foot Spotting OREGON HUNTER!

Bigfoot has been seen in many different environments around the world. Be warned. This is a new age predator. This is not an animal. This is a member of an ancient civilization. They are not what they seem, they are extremely advanced beings. These beings wear a special suit made for the outside world in today’s environment, keeping them safe and allowing them to come out into the world.


This suit serves multiple purposes, to both disguise them to seem like an animal and as highly sophisticated camouflage, but also to protect them from harm with the ability to deflect ammunition. Though a hunter located in Coquille, Oregon, who was hunting outside of city limits got lucky. This man shot a Bigfoot, and was quickly arrested by the local sheriff department for the harm of this ancient species. Undoubtedly to cover it up. The FBI, CIA and top government officials refuse to release any information on the hunter, or the ancient species.

Though the local coastguard have been seen doing extensive drills after this incident. Many locals believe this is in preparation for something bigger. A catastrophic incident. There are more and more claimed sighting of Bigfoots in the surrounding area after the initial incident. This must be why the local coast guard has become so alert, they need to be prepared for what comes next. What does come next?

Coquille is known for being bountiful in gold. This is written in history books, along with ancient tales from native tribes who came before. This must be why Bigfoot sightings have been so frequent in this area. Coast Guard rumors have leaked secrets of an underground spacecraft harboring this ancient species, who are looking to harvest gold and other precious minerals to power their ship.

Military forces in the local area have advised all locals not to enter the woods. Though the locals are still hunting and combing through the woods looking to stumble upon the next Bigfoot so they can make the headline news. Local hunters are being locked out of well known hunting spots such as; Weyerhausers, Manasha, Coos County Forest and the greatest spot for gold, the Sixes River.  This isn’t a coincidence.

If you’re local to the west coast of Oregon we recommend you to stay clear of all woods. If traveling to Oregon we give a warning to not go towards this state because of the high investigation of this situation by your United States Government.


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