Swamp Survival tips the 15 best!


Survival Swamp Tips

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1 – Secure a weapon
You’ll need a Weapon, Not just for proctecting yourself from a variety of mysteries but also to secure food, and clear paths.

2 – Make Your Own Weapon. (Kinda a tip 1)

Anyway possible, Get something to protect yourself or use as a tool.

3 – Tell the alligator you are there

Alligators will attack you it’s better to make them be scared of you before you’re close enough for them to act in fear and attack you. I would recommend to always keep your eye out. If you happen to see one, another good tip is keep your distance.

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4 – Build a shelter

Building a shelter will keep the weather conditions from taking full affect on you. Shelters give you protection from site weather it’s monster, animal, or even humans. Survival shelter usually is lifted above the ground about 3-12 inches to keep more of your body heat in your body. Will be sharing more tips on different shelters and best ways to build them in future blogs and videos.

5 – Start a fire

Starting a fire will not only benefit you by keeping you warm, dry and give you light. Starting a fire allows you to Boil water. Starting a fire will also warn off animals who might find you a tasty snack.

6 – Boil water for drinking

Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Drink water straight from the swamp. You will get sick which can cause to be fatal. Boiling water is the most efficient way to make sure your water source is clean rather than full of pathogens.

7 – Mud to protect from insects

Insect can kill you. The main issue with insects, mosquitos for a example; is that if you get bitten and bitten and bitten it actually starts to drain your energy. Using mud is a great way to cover your skin to prevent bug bites. Using wet mud and applying it to your skin does the trick, The only part people forget is you can let it dry to assure it won’t all fall off. Don’t forget insects can carry disease and poisons  also.

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8 – Watch your step

Tip number 9 will also state some advice on this. Don’t be standing next to edges and make sure if your mushing through the swamp you don’t step on unstable ground or close to a water edge that is soft where it either sucks you in. Watching your step also assures you don’t make a dumb mistake like stepping on a snake causing you to get bit and maybe death by poison.

9 – Avoid drowning

This is kind of a obvious one. Avoiding drowning is a key because if you die that doesn’t count as survival. Avoid drowning by using a stick to make sure there is stable ground infront of you or not a hole. Quicksand can also take your life.

10 – Gather food

Gathering food is a key, Try to eat as much as possible because out there in the swamp you don’t know when or even where your next food source will be coming from. keeping extra food is always a bonus. Gathering enough food for a couple days will assure a few extra days of survival.

11 – Know the beasts that might lurk
This means if your in a swamp in the North America rather then Africa they’re might be a variety of different species from snakes, alligators or plants that can kill you. Knowing your basics of what snakes can you can survive if bitten or if you don’t have a chance without medicine. This is a example of a reason why it’s a good idea to know what’s out there. Reason number two is some snakes or even fish you can eat on one side of the world while the other side of the world there consider poisonous and can kill you.

12 – Set up a swamp bed (More info on this soon)
Swamp beds are the only way to get some sleep if any in the swamp. This is a bed / shelter  which usually sits above the ground 1-12 inches above the ground. Allowing you not be on the the direct ground means less bugs. Another fact is people loose more direct heat sleeping or resting with your body on the direct ground.
13 – Avoid jungle rot
Your feet are important. Most common thing you can get is jungle rot. Jungle rot is also known as advanced trench foot which almost always turns into Gangrene. This Require amputation most of the time.
Jungle rot is commonly caused by a polymicrobialinfection
Along with a variety of microorganisms, including mycobacteria can cause this.

14 – Make the night bearable
Bugs, along with the animals who can end you’re life. Even the sounds you’ve may of never heard can keep you up. Remember you need this night to rest from the hard work of the next day. Try and at least get 4-6 hours of sleep.

15 -Water vine is your alternative to swamp water source – (Water that’s drinkable)
Swamp water mucky, scummy, nasty along with pathogens not just a few but full of it. Risking drinking it even if you could or can boil it isn’t always the best method. Water vines are commonly found in most swamps. Cutting it or breaking it can allows you to have a new source of clean water. The source of clean filtered water that was obtained can be hung above or held towards a clean or pathogen free container and then you may boil or drink.



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